First-Time Consultation

Having an image consultation is new territory for a lot women. You probably have some questions, we have answers.


Our services evolve your tastes, needs, and lifestyle. Priced for your budget. No subscription required.   Your image affects how people perceive you, but also how you feel about yourself. Our expert will provide you all the tools needed to dress to your full potential.


Using our online free consultation questioner, women find the best suited service to them individuality  needs. Whether you want to look great for personal reasons or for business, our image consultant expert can help.  


1 - 2 Hours


This all about those little details that fine tune your image to perfection. You’ll discover size and scale of patterns and jewelry and what your best necklines are. This helps you to have the polished image you have always dreamed of.

  • Body shape analysis & size measurements

  • Fashion Personality (Find out your unique style and how to wear it effortlessly.)

  • Haircut/Style 

  • Makeup Lesson/Session

  • A fresh perspective, new techniques, do's and don't's, and what you need to do to create a beautiful face everyday.

  • Dressing for your body silhouette:  (We will address your figure challenges and work together to enhance all your best features. I’ll give you tools and recommendations on how handle those common figure challenges, so you have more confidence.)

Price: $150


1 hour

​Is the first step towards polishing & updating your style.

  • We’ll identify your ideal color palette of shades & tones that make you look your best

  • We’ll define your unique & authentic “style formula”

  • We’ll identify what style best fit your figure type & face shape

  • We’ll discuss fabrics, silhouettes & cuts to look for when shopping

  • We’ll come up with a plan of action to refine & polish your look

  • You’ll receive a Color Fan Tool  & personalized Style Workbook with all the session insights

Price: $100/Hr


3–5 hours


Treat yourself to my Personal Shopping services, designed to solve your shopping frustrations. With my structured sessions, I’ll help you find clothes you love, that fit with your body type, style and budget.

  • We’ll choose several department stores and clothing boutiques, based on your specific style, budget, shopping list and goals

  • Together we will decide on a selection of stores specifically for you & your lifestyle needs.

  • I’ll conduct a 30-45 minute “pre-shop”, setting up a dressing room with some key outfits for you to start trying on when you arrive

  • Together we’ll shop for more pieces and evaluate each one based on fit, color, style goals and how each works with your existing wardrobe

  • We’ll discuss outfit scenarios – so you know exactly how to wear your new items, and work them into your closet

Price: $80/ Hr.


3–4 hours

Closet Edit Session refresh your wardrobe, and restructure the way you look at your clothes. Together we’ll objectively evaluate everything, build fresh & exciting outfits, and leave you with a closet that makes getting dressed easy and fun.

  • We’ll methodically go through all the items in your closet, 2 seasons at a time (Fall+Winter and/or Spring+Summer)

  • We’ll evaluate all your clothing and accessories based on their fit, color, relevance to your style goals and how they work with the existing items in your wardrobe

  • We’ll discard/donate items that no longer fit, are in the wrong color/style, etc.

  • I’ll help you build outfits from the pieces that stay in your closet, so that every item has a purpose and there are no “orphans” left

  • We’ll create a “needs list” (shopping list) of items missing from your closet that will help guide any subsequent Personal Shopping Session.

  • Hangers and basket ( additional charge) 


Price: $380


1-2 hours

Maybe you are not ready for a full closet session or you slipped back into the same clothing rut or perhaps you have gone shopping and need new ideas of how to work with your new pieces. Inspire Wardrobe mini closet session is for you! 


 Constantly love the new ways to wear your wardrobe! This session focuses on creating and styling new outfits and removing the unwanted/unflattering items in your closet.

Price: $50/Hr



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