Inspire Wardrobe services will help you achieve authentic expression of who you are at your personal and professional best.

Women's Services


Whether we’re styling your wardrobe or strategizing the next chapter of your life, I’ll give you the tools and support to tackle your career and personal life with gusto and enthusiasm.

Since everyone is different and comes to the table with different wants and needs, we get the opportunity to custom tailor your journey.


I can’t wait to help you discover your best you

Men's Services 

Your image speaks volumes, but what does it say?

Consciously or not, people make value judgments based on your appearance, clothing, and posture.


While you don’t have a choice about that, you do have a choice about the impression you choose to make.


Learn how to manage the non-verbal messages you send to achieve the results you desire. Understand how to adjust your level of visual presence with the strategic use of color, style, line, and body language.

Kids Services 
Developing personal style early on is a great way for kids to build confidence and independence.
KIDS creativity is the key to match their style, while adding something fresh to their wardrobe and  personal image.
Teaching kids the ins and outs of being able to physically dress themselves is one thing, but teaching them how to do it with style is a whole other matter. While we can’t stress enough the importance of letting kids express themselves,  whether they have no interest in the clothes they put on or they insist on wearing their swimsuit to the shops every single day, it's our job to encourage them to follow their interest.


Bridal Services 

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and worrisome. Why not leave the work of organizing your bridal style to us? You won’t have to fret about:

  • Choosing the ideal dress, shoes, and jewelry for the bride.

  • Picking the perfect tux, shoes, and accessories for the groom.

  • Deciding on the best color & styles for your bridesmaids & groomsmen.

  • Selecting a look for the parents of the bride and groom according to the wedding theme.

  • Finding the best gift for the bride and groom.

By working with us you won’t have to worry about whether a white tux is a Dapper Do or a Dated Don’t or if your bridesmaids will hate their dresses.


Let us tailor one of our image programs to the needs of your organization and staff. All of our sessions are upbeat, highly motivational and interactive.


Your employees will be provided with valuable and lasting information and strategy that they can begin to use immediately.


Individually your employee will benefit by receiving the image tools they need to advance. Collectively your organization will benefit by having a more unified, polished and professional presence in the market.



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